Montag, 6. August 2018


The first two weeks in Buenos Aires have passed, which is crazy.  When I arrived at the airport two weeks ago, I was quite overwhelmed: huge houses with hundreds of apartments in them, long streets, cold weather, a new language, a different smell and absolutely no orientation. Even though I have already been to several different places in the world, it was my first time in South America. 

When I sat in the back of the taxi that brought me to the city and my future home, I was in shock. Not only that I was away from all my loved ones but also I felt insecure and lonely, even though I had people around me. 

It was scary, driving through the streets of Buenos Aires, not knowing where my apartment would be and what my neighborhood would look like. 

After quite the journey, I arrived. My apartment made me feel safe and happy from the first key-turning-moment on. 

I had just arrived and called my boyfriend and my family immediately.
 "I made the worst decision ever, I regret doing this." 
I was heart broken and so not happy. The next thought I felt guilty, not appreciating the amazing chance to live in Latin America for half a year. 

Crying, tears and emotions. 
But what could I do? Pack my bags and fly back home crying like a baby? No option. 

I had just arrived and thought I would feel home right after  landing in Argentina. Why so rushed ...

A few hours later, I met up with some others, we walked around our neighborhood. I had to open up, to let the vibe sink in - and it worked out immediately. 

Now I sit here, writing down the emotional ride I had, looking back with a smile on my face, thinking "Why was I like that?"

I know it is too soon to say that I feel "home" here but the past weeks made me love BA, its people and streets so so much. I feel really happy, even though I miss some specials ones a lot. <3

P.S.: To my Future-Me

I know this is just part one of the rollercoaster ride. Good things will come, bad feelings will come. But remember to stay positive and  don't freak out. 


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