Sonntag, 29. November 2015

About 2015's Greatest Moments

Happy Sunday!

Mostly, I don't really share a lot of personal thoughts on here but today, I felt like, it would be the right thing to do because I'm in such a happy mood.
There's no particular reason why I am so happy. It's just life, all the different inspirations and moments that make me feel so comfortable and thankful.

As the year comes to an end and the christmas season has already started, I'm looking back on the past time, the past weeks and months. I know, everyone does these " year review" posts and talks about the past and the solutions for next year but I just wanted to share a few moments that came in my mind this afternoon, after asking myself the question "What was the greatest moment this year, so far?".

When thinking about the greatest moment, a few things are on my mind:

The amazing trips I did. Two weeks sailing around Mallorca, skiing in Austria or going to Croatia just recently, for example.
Croatia, especially Zagreb has been one of the best weeks this year. Meeting all these new people was amazing and calling them friends now is even more exciting. That made me super happy and I enjoyed it so much!

Attending my first fashion week has been an amazing experience as well. I felt so great being able to be a part of the "fashion-game" and getting in touch with other people who are just as enthusiastic as I am, was incredible.

But not only the "special" get-away trips made me happy, I also enjoyed these "normal" moments, for example being around the fire place in summer all night long, wearing sweats and drinking tea, having amazing conversations with my friends or walking down the streets with an iced coffee. 

No matter if traveling or enjoying the small special everyday-life moments, all these things inspire me so much and make me feel so great. 

What might be a huge part of this "happy mood",I am in for a long time, luckily, is that I finally accepted myself. I feel comfortable about me, my mind, my body. And that is, in my opinion the most important part of being the happiest. 

Love Yourself! 

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