Sonntag, 3. Januar 2016

Stories// THE Jacket

Happy Tuesday!

A few days before Christmas, I thought about what I wanted to wear during the holiday season. I went through all my festive clothes in my wardrobe and put together a few options for different occasions. I chose a pretty blouse and a leather skirt for Christmas Eve, a cozy dress for Christmas Morning and another dress for a Christmas party with friends. All outfits, matching accessories and shoes were laying in front of me on the floor, but one thing I forgot to think about was the jacket. Wearing a coat? Taking a scarf as a poncho? And what if I wore my leather jacket? I wasn't quite sure if wearing an everyday jacket for Christmas would be the right option to go for... Well, I thought about the coffee I spilt on it during school breaks, the dirt, the smell of long party nights, all the sweating during fashion week, the smoke of last summer's bonfires and the pouring rain while biking home. Not very special, right? But then I felt like, why not wear it for Christmas, for another memorial occasion that this jacket could be a part of? 

Isn't it amazing that a piece of clothing goes through so many different happenings and situations with you? I like the idea of collecting memories by wearing a special piece, in this time my all-time favorite leather jacket. I bought it last year in the sale and saved more than 50%. I think it might be the best item I got for a long time! I know, it was quite expensive but I personally think it makes sense that investing in pieces that are of great qualitiy and that you can wear for years and years.

 Find that ONE piece in your warderobe that  accompanies you and goes through every situation in your life! 

What do you think? Let Me know about how you feel!

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