Dienstag, 26. Januar 2016

What I learnt about (my) style

Happy Tuesday!

Even if I am 'only' 17, I would say that I have learnt a lot about my style and style in general, over the past years. Between my 'I don't care, I wear Converse and T-shirt everyday' looks, my colorful 'more is more' outfits and my current styling are about 6 years. I think, I went through many different phases of fashion in my 'youth' so far and I will probably read this post in two years and will think 'you thought, you knew everything' but for now I wanted to share my top-ten things that I changed my opinion on when it comes to fashion:

1. Dress to impress yourself. 
If you feel confident about your look, people will see that!

2. Never wear a 'costume' (except for Carnival season, maybe).
Especially during fashion week or other fashion events, people try to look like someone they really aren't. Why would you wanna look like a clown? 

3. If you don't know anyone at the party, be outstanding (in a positive way).
A cool and interesting outfit might be a great conversation starter!

4. Quality over quantity. 
For me personally, it makes sense to invest in pieces of good quality and pieces that are timeless. They are the key to great outfits!

5. Don't copy.
Never copy anyone's outfit in exacly the same way- where is your own creativity?

6. Don't follow every trend.
If you follow every single trend (which is slightly impossible because there are so many), you won't be unique anymore and become a part of the mainstream. Don't you want your own style identity?

7. If you don't feel good on a day, make an effort.
A great outfit can make your day!

8. Wear comfortable shoes.
Wearing sneakers is not the only possibility. It's important to wear shoes you feel comfortable in. What if any spontanious life-changing opportunity comes up and you are wearing shoes you can't even walk in?

9. Find your go-to outfit for busy and lazy days.
Mine is all black, not quite spectacular but when you don't know what to wear and are in a hurry, this dresses you in 2 minutes.

10. Just do it.
If you want to try new things, do it! No one stops you.



  1. No kidding with the quality part. It's something I'm working on in my wardrobe purchases lately... A question I'm asking myself: will I want to wear this after a year?


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