Dienstag, 2. Februar 2016

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Happy Tuesday!

I'm really into wearing day dresses at the moment. I feel like, no one really wears dresses or skirts in their everyday life anymore because it seems to be "uncomfortable". Well, I don't really think so. There is nothing more comfortable than wearing a casual dress that is easy but very feminine at the same time! I really think that is even more comfy than wearing jeans sometimes.

So here are a few thoughts of mine about integrating dresses into your daily wardrobe without feeling too dressed-up or uncomfortable:

1. Look for jersey or cotton dresses.
These fabrics give dresses a more casual and sporty touch.

2. Choose not-so-tight dresses, loser dresses are easier to handle.
You might feel too dressed up and uncomfortable when wearing a very tight dress.

3. Wear sneakers or boots with it to dress it down.
Otherwise, the look seems to be too chic.

4. Wear tights.
 It will give you a lot more confidence.

5. Pair dresses with "unusual" pieces to create the perfect style mix.
E.g. rough boots or a bomber jacket.



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