Dienstag, 23. August 2016

A Summer To Remember

hey there!

Six weeks, three destinations, eight flights.

As my last year of school starts tomorrow, I'm looking back on probably the best summer break ever.

 Smiles. Listening to 80ies hits on the radio. Watermelon & strawberries. 
Sand and water between my toes. Insect bites. Golden sunsets. Las Vegas. Dark nights. 
Full moon. Happy tears. LA. Missing somebody. Early mornings.
 Flanell shirts. Being free as the wind. Sun kissed and sunburned. Milano.
 Light blonde hair. Popping bottles. Ice cream. City walks. Besties time. Positive vibes. 
The best people. Drinks. Italian food. Airports. Iced Coffee. California. Dresses. Rap.
 Edge To Edge by Mac. Palm trees. Blue skies. Nature. Destroyed denim. San Francisco. Hats. Snapchat. Picknick. Late nights. Berlin. Pancakes for breakfast. Hometown Cologne.
 Bright sunshine. Never stopping. Gratitude. Birkenstocks. Popcorn. 

I'm super grateful for all the memories and am looking forward to more summer moments in the next weeks!


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