Donnerstag, 26. Januar 2017

Hey, I Gotta Talk

Happy Thursday!

This year is gonna be the year of changes. I'm finishing school which means that I need to plan my future. I have always been someone who loves to make plans. I enjoy day dreaming and writing my own magic fairytale. But currently, it's not as easy as it was months ago. It's getting real now. I'm not really scared to do anything wrong but to miss out on great things because of being too sure when it comes to what to study, where to live, how to make it...

I've been more than  happy and very lucky the past months and the past year was probably one of the greatest for me personally which makes it really hard to decide on such drastic changes. I love changes, they clear the mind and bring new energy but it's always a goodbye to something or someone. It doesn't have to be forever but for the moment, things are not as they were. There's this thing about friendship that I got on my mind all the time. It has always ben super hard to find an honest and real friendship for me personally. I've not been as confident about myself as I am for a few years now which was the reason why I struggled with spending time with different people. Many don't know about this but I was actually scared to get too close to people so they could hurt me. Luckily, I don't have to deal with such things anymore. I got my real lovers around me! 

I love my squad, my friends my soulmates. I love them and sometimes I need space for myself. We fight and we scream at each other but we laugh, cry, hug and kiss also. If anyone is interested in a film where it's about a group of friends who are hilariously stupid but smart at the same time or who are extremly unorganizied but always work things out perfectly in the end, I got one! This whole journey with them, the past years taught me so much. I'm grateful for that babes, you know who you are. 

This isn't meant to be a love letter but a kinda rambling and clearing my mind.

Happy Thursday guys, get ready for the weekend! 


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