Mittwoch, 14. Juni 2017


Calming Down. Reflecting. 

Currently, it is the most relaxed time I have probably ever had. I'm done with school. Waiting for results, doing all the stuff I want to. No responsibilites, luckily. 

I wake up early to watch the sun rise, or go to bed late to watch the sun rise. I stay in bed as long as I want to and go out with my favorite people. We party a lot, we just enjoy ourselves. 
We meet at 4 p.m. to go out and have a picknick, we do bonfires or meet to eat together, so what.
There is no boring day, it's a positive stress.

I do spontaneous trips, grateful to be able to do it and just enjoy walking around cities and places I love or have never been to before. Exploring, learning, living the fun life.

Life is a party and a little party never killed nobody, right? 

The thing is, thinking about this time makes me smile, it gets be excited to think about the great things that are coming but it makes me think about me and my future a lot.
It doesn't stress me or anything but I just want to keep in mind that it's a period right now that is ending soon. I need to focus on me, my goals, my future and work things out. 

And it gives me chills because nothing is ever gonna be as it was before. We grow up, we change. 

Chances are great, I talked about it in other posts before. But it seems to be a goodbye to the "teenage kid" that goes to school. I'm growing up, well I need.

five words: excitment, appreciation, gratitude, love, reflection. 


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