Sonntag, 27. August 2017

Have A Minute? #SundayRamble

Happy Sunday!

It's the time again. I feel like getting personal. 

As summer comes to an end slowly, I feel like sitting down for a minute and review the past months. As I mentioned in earlier entries, I finished school and had a lot of time since April. I had the opportunity to focus on basically nothing which has been so amazing. I had no responsibilies (besides focusing on the near future I mean), had the chance to do whatever I wanted.

 No matter what time or day. 

There were 3a.m. talks in the garden, talking about love, friendship and future plans; 2p.m. breakfast dates in my kitchen, eating basically everything that was in the always well filled fridge (thanks mommy!); 2a.m. kisses by the Rhine; 4p.m. napping with my babe, willing to watch Netflix but falling asleep after 10 minutes; 12a.m. pre party vibes with my main chicas and chicos and an awesome party night afterwards; 7.30a.m. wake ups, watching the sun peak through my window shades; all day driving around Europe (it sounds a bit too dramatic), going to France, Belgium and the Netherlands for several times; 5p.m. Amsterdam walks and drinks with my mom and grandma; 11a.m. flights on my own, flying out to Berlin for FashionWeek and hurrying up to catch a plane to Palma de Mallorca to party with my girls; 10a.m. breakfast moments in bed - thanks babe; 9p.m. barbeque house parties at mine (sorry mom and dad, nothing went horribly wrong); 5p.m. beach lay downs in Barcelona; 10p.m. music moments listening to my favourite rap playlist; day drinking by the beach with my girls; 11p.m. MCDonalds drive thru situations (excuse the not so picture perfect diet - of course drinking green smoothies the day after #not); 8a.m. rises to road trip again or 11p.m. pool parties. 

I had the chance to enjoy myself, be young wild and free, as cheesy as it sounds. I'm grateful for all of this, for all the people I made memories with. But now, I can't wait to step into my new "life", the one after school. I'm excited for new things happening. 

Anyways, I loved my summer so far, made amazing memories and can't wait to make many more! Here's to some more summer days and nights!

Enjoy your Sunday, 
love Kera 


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